After a lengthy campaign by a cohort of zealots, Zack Snyder finally has his own version of 'Justice League' coming to screens, and a first trailer to meet it.

Set to Leonard Cohen's 1984 hit, 'Hallelujah', the trailer showcases - among other things - the black Superman suit he originally teased, much more footage of Ray Fisher's Cyborg character, supervillain Darkseid replaced with Steppenwolf, not to mention more shots of Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Henry Cavill as Lois Lane, Martha Lane, and Supes respectively.

All in all, the trailer is very much the victory lap and vindication that Snyder's version not only exists but will be (hopefully) better than the one we all saw in cinemas and on streaming services. There hasn't yet been any official confirmation of when 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' will arrive on HBO Max, or how territories that don't have HBO Max yet will get to see it.

Still and all, for those that kept faith, this is it, at long last.

Take a look.