The news comes from /Film who confirmed this point and Aaron Paul's return as Jesse Pinkman. There's no word yet on further casting, and given how Walter White died in the final episode, it's unlikely for him to appear again.

The only two people confirmed to be involved so far are Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan. There's no word on a director or supporting cast. No release date has been announced either. In fact, we don't even have an official title yet. All that's known so far is that the codeword / working title for the thing is 'Greenbriar', but that's hardly the actual title for it.

Simply put, the whole thing is locked up safer than Gustavo Fring's Super Lab - so don't expect there to be much in the way of news on this any time soon.

AMC is clearly moving their television offerings into cinemas, as 'The Walking Dead' - their other successful TV series - is also being lined up for a three-part movie series, with Andrew Lincoln returning as Rick Grimes. It's a smart move, especially considering how much appeal these shows. Translating 'Breaking Bad' into box office returns could be tricky, so the director lined up will tell a lot about where it's headed.

Our guess? They'll probably just have Vince Gilligan write and direct the thing, considering he did the pilot, the final episode of the entire series, and created the whole thing himself.