'Cats' has been a point of fascination and horror for movie fans everywhere since the first trailer for it went live. People didn't get how an atrocity like this could attract big name stars like Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen and Taylor Swift, among others. In fact, Hugh Jackman recently spoke about being approached starring in it. But he managed to dodge that bullet.

Judi Dench, who plays Old Deuteronomy in 'Cats', was not so lucky.

Apparently she hasn't even seen the movie and after seeing images of her character, she has no desire to.

The 85 year old actress recently became the oldest woman to grace the cover of British Vogue.

In her interview with the publication, she spoke of her hopes that Deuteronomy would have a sense of elegance.

Instead, Dench asserts, the giant, dank fur coat she was dressed in made her look “like a battered, mangy old cat.”

Dench didn't stop there either. She added that she looked like “A great big orange bruiser. What’s that about?”

Speaking further about the costume, she continued: “The cloak I was made to wear! Like five foxes fucking on my back.”

Like we said, it's the best description we've heard so far of the cat-astrophe.

In other Judi Dench in 'Cats'-related news, Ricky Gervais recently spoke on Seth Meyers' talk show about having to get his joke about her during the Golden Globes (in which he says the musical "was the role she was born to play — because she loves nothing better than getting down on the carpet, lifting up her leg and licking her own minge") past 15 executives and lawyers.

They were unhappy with the word "minge," so Gervais tried to explained it's a "cute" British term.

"It's not offensive at all. It's not a swear word," he said. "They went, 'Oh, okay.' And then one of them looked it up and said, 'It says vulgar term for vagina."'

Gervais argued that "all slang is a vulgar term"  and the lawyers suggested Gervais say "vagina" instead.

"I went, 'I'm not gonna say vagina. That's worse! That's so clinical about Dame Judi Dench,'" he said. "And he went, 'I take it back.'"

The group went over a number of words Gervais could use instead of "minge" but it was the best option.

"We settled on 'minge' and they said that they wouldn't bleep it and they still did," Gervais said. "But I knew they would, so I pointed."

'Cats' will be available on demand later this month so check back in with us for where you can stream it.