How come no one ever tells us on time when the big shots are going for scoops in town? Don't start putting your coat on yet though. It was yesterday, and he was there filming for a 19th century costume drama called 'Penny Dreadful'.

The star of Pearl Harbour has actually been floating around Dublin since October filming it though, so if you thought you shifted his lookalike out in Coppers some night, it could well have been him. (No, really, it wasn't him.)

The new show 'Penny Dreadful' is an eight part series which has all of literatures most terrifying characters in Victorian London at the same time. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray - the whole gang. The show will also star Billie Piper and former James Bond star, Timothy Dalton. Maybe he will stop by too for a quick vodka martini? We'll be on the lookout. Meanwhile Josh, give us a bell will you?