Josh Brolin appeared at the infamous wing-lined table on Hot Ones this week to take on some extremely spicy hot sauces.

Besides his impressive tolerance of spice (insert 'Dune' joke here), Brolin also had some brilliant stories to tell. One that stood out came from the set of the 2007 Best Picture winner 'No Country For Old Men'.

The movie was directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, who seemed to like a bit of a laugh on set, according to the 54-year-old. So much so that they apparently got one of their pranks in the movie itself.

Brolin with Joel and Ethan Coen (Image via Getty)

In one scene, where Brolin's character finds money in the satchel of a dead man, Brolin suggested he should grunt upon the discovery and proceeded to test a myriad of sounds in front of the directors.

"It wasn't dialogue heavy so there wasn't a lot of stuff to experiment with and change," Brolin said, "but I know when I got the satchel and I opened it up, I said, 'Don't you think he should say something. He looks at the dead guy and he looks around and you can tell he's thinking about what is this, what do I want to do with this, and shouldn't there be a little something there?' And Joel goes, 'Well, like what?' And I said, 'I don't know, like a 'huh' or a 'hm.'' They go, 'Is there anything else?' I go, 'Like 'hmm?'' And they go, 'What else?' And, now you're thinking, 'They're fucking with me, right?' So, I went through about six of them and Ethan said, 'Try the second one.'

"So, I did the second one and then every time we screened the movie I always knew where Ethan was in the theatre, because every time that moment happened he would burst out laughing. Was it a joke, or did it help the movie and the scene? We'll never know."

Now we're left wondering how many other grunts in Coen brothers films were pranks too. This is definitely going to have to require a re-watch.

Check out the full episode of 'Hot Ones' below.

Brolin stars in the upcoming mystery-thriller series 'Outer Range', which lands on Prime Video on April 15.