Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed up for what is being described as the "anti-romantic comedy", alongside the lovely Zooey Deschanel (Elf). The flick, titled 500 Days of Summer, centres on a woman (Deschanel) who thinks love is for big dopes', and thus doesn’t believe in it; but things get complicated when Gordon-Levitt’s character falls for her. In the real world wouldn’t they just become hump-buddies? Sure, she’s obviously emotionally unavailable, but damn it she has needs like everyone else. The film is to be directed by music video regular Mark Webb, who helmed the fantastically innovative All American Rejects video “Move Along”, as well as promo’s for the likes of My Chemical Romance and Fergie. The guy knows where to put a camera, and that cast is rousing my interest; what the hell, I’m in.