Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya made film history with 'Get Out' in 2017, and the actor-director pair quickly formed a deep partnership.

Speaking to Empire magazine ahead of the release of the new horror fick 'Nope', Peele recalls a moment where referred to Kaluuya as "my De Niro", evoking the relationship between Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

"I was in the middle of shooting 'Get Out', that’s what I was telling him. I was like [makes serious eye contact], ‘You’re my De Niro, man. You’re my De Niro.”

"I was like, ‘I need you to be in the future ones too, man!’ You could just tell what we had in him as a performer, from the very beginning.”

Peele revealed he shares a close bond with Kaluuya and considers him a lucky charm.

"Get Out was first big movie he was a lead in, and it was my directorial debut. We bonded because we went through that together."

"In the beginning of that, it feels like two people who have faith in each other, then by the end, it all works. So I just couldn’t wait to further that relationship and explore a completely new character with Daniel."

While Kaluuya didn't make an apperance in Peele's most recent flick, 2019's 'Us', the Brit has added an Oscar to his mantlepiece for his performance in the drama 'Judas and the Black Messiah'.

Peele made history in 2018 when 'Get Out' received Oscar nominations in Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Kaluuya, while Peele himself took home the award for Best Original Screenplay on the night.

Horror as a genre has typically been overlooked at the Oscars, and Peele was able to make a horror film appealing to Oscar voters in a matter similar to 'Silence Of The Lambs' sweeping the board at the 1992 ceremony.

'Nope' is set for release in Irish cinemas from August `12th - here's hoping Peele and Kaluuya can keep up their budding Scorsese - De Niro style partnership.