Ridley Scott seems to be hedging his bets in Hollywood at the moment, and pushing for a barrage of projects to get the green light. He's currently in post production on Robin Hood, whilst he's announced a sequel/prequel to his first mammoth hit Alien, and an American big screen adaptation of serial-killing Channel 4 show, Red Riding. On top of all of that, Scott is now perusing Angelina Jolie to star in a film based around the Gucci dynasty, and has also approached his Body of Lies star Leonardo DiCaprio about a role. According to Variety, Jolie would play Patrizia Reggiano, who got into a bit of bother in the 90's when it was revealed she paid to have her husband, Maurizio Gucci, clipped. So, not a straight forward biopic at all then. 20th Century Fox are pushing for a 2010 shoot date, which would put all other projects instantly on the backburner.