It would seem that 'Joker' is the definitive zeitgeist right now. To the point that not even animated features can resist its forceful presence.

The trailer for 'Soul', the latest from Disney Pixar, has literally just gone live online. As in, in the last few hours. And someone has already remixed it with 'Joker'.

The new animation hits cinemas summer 2020 and follows a music teacher who's an aspiring jazz musician. His soul gets separated from his body and goes on an unforgettable journey.

In case you haven't see it yet, you can catch the trailer below.

Now the voiceover for 'Soul' has been added to the trailer of the Joaquin Phoenix box office smash. And for crying out loud, it really does fit perfectly.

Looks like we just can't have nice things. But then, we suppose the corrupting nature of 'Joker' is admirably meta?

The edit recalls the 'Us'-'Cats' mashup from earlier this year, which was also excellent.