With 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' heading for cinemas next month, dog-lovers everywhere all have one question - will the dog be OK in this one?

To be clear, even the most pacifist of viewers watching the first 'John Wick' could rationalise going on a murderous rampage if someone killed their pooch. Especially such a cute little chap like the one in that movie - not to say the pitbull he picks up in the second one and keeps in the third one isn't a Good Boy either.

Moreover, Keanu Reeves was quite clear that the second movie couldn't very well be about killing another dog, so it stands to reason the third one couldn't either, right? So it goes that Lionsgate released this 50-second clip confirming that, yes, the dog will be OK in this one.

How cool is it, though, that you can hand a cabbie a gold coin and he'll take him to what's likely the best boarding house in the entire city - and the cabbie's totally OK with it!

Never mind the expertly choreographed fight sequences and the intriguing juxtaposition of Hollywood nice man Keanu Reeves utterly beating the shit out of people for two hours - show us what the Continental's dog-boarding facilities are really like.

They probably have really nice cushions and blankets for the dogs, and the water's doled out from those lovely filtered jugs or something.