In case you're wondering what an EGOT is, it stands for Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Tony and is basically considered the grand slam of modern entertainment awards.

There's only 15 people who have completed the EGOT - including Sir John Gielgud, Whoopi Goldberg, directors Mike Nichols and Mel Brooks - however John Legend is not only the youngest person to achieve EGOT status, he also did it in the second-shortest span of years.

Robert Lopez, who was the composer on the likes of 'Frozen' and 'The Book of Mormon', got his EGOT status in 10 years whilst Legend made his in 12 years. Legend passed EGOT status over the weekend when he picked up an Emmy - along with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, also who turned EGOT - for their role as executive producers on the live television performance of the hit musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

Legend thanked his wife, Chrissy Teigen, in his speech whilst Lloyd Webber and Rice remarked that they were amazed the musical was still popular at 48 years, adding that nobody in the United Kingdom bought the musical. "It was because of that record going so well in the United States that the show conquered the world. I'm amazed that it stuck around 48 years later. I'm amazed I'm still around 48 years later."

So, now that Legend, Rice and Lloyd Webber now EGOT status, does that mean they also get a diamond-encrusted chain?