Currently cracking up audiences in the hilarious Hot Tub Time Machine, John Cusack is apparently being pursued to star in Jack, a thriller from helmer Brad Anderson (of cult Christian Bale starrer The Machinist).

According to Bloody Disgusting, via, Cusack would play a serial killer, who gets amnesia and can't remember killing folk. When he falls for a doctor, and the urges return, he must decide to leave his old life behind him, or return to his true nature of disposing of people that grate him.

I've seen Hot Tub Time Machine three times now, which is something I haven't done in years - if you liked The Hangover or Old Scool, you'll really enjoy it. Jack sounds like a typical Cusack left turn, after some more overtly mainstream fare. Anderson is a filmmaker with a certain sensibility, so this could be dark and intriguing if it comes together.