We've opined many times about how John Carpenter's The Thing is one of the greatest horror films ever made and how the summer of '82 basically wiped out a whole swathe of incredible films, only for them to be rediscovered later on.

We've even talked to John Carpenter himself about The Thing's reception at the time and what he makes of its life after the fact (hint: he doesn't give a shit, basically). With all that in mind, it's high time that The Thing got one of those 4K restorations that every other film seems to be getting nowadays.

And that's exactly what Arrow Video are doing, who announced their 4K restoration of The Thing out of the blue last night on their official Facebook.

We've reached out to Arrow Video and asked if cinematographer Dean Cudney or 'ol JC himself is involved in the restoration. According to Arrow Video, they're "still in the early stages for this release," and were unable to confirm the involvement of either parties. Shout Factory recently released a 2K restoration that was approved by Dean Cudney not too long ago, so it stands to reason he or Carpenter might have a hand in this.

Either way, seeing The Thing and Kurt Russell's magnificent beard in glorious 4K resolution is going to be pretty damn cool.


Via Facebook / Arrow Video