Back when we interviewed John Carpenter, the subject of remakes - bad remakes, specifically - came up.

As John explained to us, his own opinion was that nothing can take away from the original and that while his name may be associated with it, it's not his movie. Plus, he's happy to take the money so why not? Anyway, keep all that in mind because ANOTHER John Carpenter film is being remade.

1984's Starman starred Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges and was, for us anyway, one of the most surprisingly romantic films we've ever seen. Allen plays a lonely widow. When an alien craft crash-lands outside her house, the alien within takes the form of her husband and urges her to bring her to a rendezvous point where he'll return home.

Along the way, the two develop an unlikely relationship whilst Allen tries to reconcile the fact the alien looks, sounds and talks like her dead husband. If you've never seen it, really check it out because it's a gorgeous film and really didn't get half the credit or audience it deserves.

Anyways, the reason we're bringing all this up is because the guy who directed Night At The Museum 1, 2 and 3 is now doing a remake of Starman. Let that awfulness sink in for a moment. What's more, the screenplay will be written by Arash Amel, who wrote the Nicole Kidman-starring / career-destroying Grace of Monaco.

We don't want to see any film fail and obviously, we'll keep an open mind. But right now, based on the information we have, this film is going to be f*cking terrible and we hope it bombs so terribly that it stops studios thinking they have the ability and hubris to remake classics.