John Carpenter earned himself a slot in the history books when he gave the world the original 'Halloween' all the way back in 1978, but the series creator says the iconic horror franchise is likely to keep on trucking.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Carpenter, famed for his no-bull style of talking, said that he's confident more films in the franchise will be produced as long as it's profitable.

"If the movie makes money, I don’t believe it’s the end," he said.

"There’s a way of when a movie makes money, it seems to resurrect the next one."

David Gordon Green's 'Halloween' trilogy is coming to an end this October, with the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis facing off against Michael Myers for one last showdown.

The first installment of the trilogy was released in 2018 to major financial and critical acclaim, as fans lined up to see a battle-scarred Jamie Lee Curtis go toe-to-toe with Michael Myers.

Last year's installment, 'Halloween Ends' was somewhat less successful, but still pleased fans with its take on mob mentality.

The stakes have been set for one last showdown, and 'Halloween Ends' will be released this October, and movie-goers who saw 'Nope' will have seen the trailer.

Last week, Nick Castle tweeted that he was recording his iconic breathing for Michael Myers for what may well be the final time.

Castle played Myers in the first two 'Halloween' movies, and his breathing sounds has become as synonymous with the franchise as Carpenter's score or Michael Myers' mask.

Carpenter has contributed the score for the recent 'Halloween' movies, and praised Gordon Green for his take on the franchise.

“I love working with David Gordon Green, he’s a great director,” he said.

"I love supporting him, and I love this new role. I love making music. What’s not to like?"

He couldn't share much about the film, but he said "it's somewhat different" from what has come before, and said he is "very proud" of the work he did on the soundtrack.

'Halloween Ends' will be released on October 14th.