Hollywood's go-to character actor is teaming up with Colin Farrell on highly anticipated new flick The Lobster.

Production of the frankly weird sounding film has already begun on this fair isle. As per The Hollywood Reporter, it is a 'dystopian love story' where if singletons can't find a match within 45 days they must change into an animal and go live in the ominous sounding The Woods. It's not so bad though, they can choose which animal they want to transform into. So...we're guessing that explains the film's title? But why not The Unicorn or The Phoenix? Hmm, we wait with bated breath.

The Lobster will be directed by Oscar-nominated Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth) who is known for his boundary-pushing. So yes, you're right to be pretty intrigued. We sure are.

Reilly and Farrell aren't the only big names on the The Lobster's role call - Rachel Weisz, Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux, Olivia Colman and Ashley Benson are all also on board.