After casting was announced for the next instalment of 'Star Wars', JJ Abrams made his first - and so far, only - tweet announcing the beginning of production for 'Episode IX' late last night.

In a short tweet with a picture of the camera used for what is presumably the first shot of the film, Abrams talked about how bittersweet it was that they're starting without Carrie Fisher and that he's ready to get going. Just last week, it was confirmed that Carrie Fisher would play a role in the ninth film via unused footage from 'The Force Awakens' and that no CGI or special effects would be used in her performance.

Meanwhile, Billy Dee Williams and Mark Hamill were both confirmed to return to the series - Williams, reprising his role as Lando Calrissian from 1983's 'Return Of The Jedi'. There's been no word as of yet whether filming is due to take place on Skellig Michael or anywhere in Ireland as of now, but given how long these movies take to make, it's entirely possible you might see a crew floating around Donegal or Kerry in the near future.

'Star Wars: Episode IX' will arrive in Irish cinemas in December 2019.