And now for our most random movie news of the day.

Quentin Tarantino may be set to start filming his Charles Manson movie soon (a Sony production which marks his ninth feature) but he is also looking towards other projects.

According to Deadline, the director recently came up with an idea for a Star Trek movie which, after discussing the idea with JJ Abrams, has inspired the assembly of a writers room of scribes at Paramount who will hear Tarantino’s idea and begin to put together a movie.

If all goes well, Tarantino would direct with Abrams producing.

It’s not Tarantino’s first time taking on the reins of an existing franchise as he has previously directed episodes of CSI and ER, and has expressed interest in taking on a James Bond movie. It’s still unclear how Tarantino’s movie will link to the current Star Trek reboot franchise, which has so far included three films dating back to 2009 and a fourth will feature Chris Hemsworth as Captain Kirk's (Chris Pine) father.