You might be in a bit of a shitty mood this Monday morning but we bet you're glad you're not director Mark Millar. He's facing a shit-storm like no other. His next movie, Kick-Ass 2, is all but ready to be released unto the world in all its ass-kicking glory but as of yesterday, one of the movie's main attractions, Jim Carrey, has declared that he can no longer support the project.

Why? Because, in his opinion, in light of the tragic Sandy Hook incident, Kick-Ass 2 is much too violent. But what happens now?

While he was all on board before the events that took place at Sandy Hook, Carrey has since taken to Twitter to explain that such a tragedy has made him re-assess his involvement in projects of a violent nature.

@JimCarrey: "I did Kick-Ass 2 a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence"

@JimCarrey: "My apologies to others involve[d] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart."

Mark Millar then took to his own personal blog to release a response to the world's Kick-Ass fans, in his attempt put out the inevitable fires that may break out.

"As you may know, Jim is a passionate advocate of gun-control and I respect both his politics and his opinion, but I'm baffled by this sudden announcement as nothing seen in this picture wasn't in the screenplay eighteen months ago. Yes, the body-count is very high, but a movie called Kick-Ass 2 really has to do what it says on the tin. A sequel to the picture that gave us HIT-GIRL was always going to have some blood on the floor and this should have been no shock to a guy who enjoyed the first movie so much. My books are very hardcore, but the movies are adapted for a more mainstream audience and if you loved the tone of the first picture you're going to eat this up with a big, giant spoon. Like Jim, I'm horrified by real-life violence (even though I'm Scottish), but Kick-Ass 2 isn't a documentary. No actors were harmed in the making of this production! This is fiction and like Tarantino and Peckinpah, Scorcese and Eastwood, John Boorman, Oliver Stone and Chan-Wook Park, Kick-Ass avoids the usual bloodless body-count of most big summer pictures and focuses instead of the CONSEQUENCES of violence, whether it's the ramifications for friends and family or, as we saw in the first movie, Kick-Ass spending six months in hospital after his first street altercation. Ironically, Jim's character in Kick-Ass 2 is a Born-Again Christian and the big deal we made of the fact that he refuses to fire a gun is something he told us attracted him to the role in the first place."

He wrote a whole lot more than that, and not at all in an angry way, so if you want to read the full whack head to his blog over yonder.

But what we want to know is how this will affect the movie, will its release be delayed? Will Jim Carrey reconsider and be part of the promotion? Does the above violate his contract with the filmmakers?

And we want to know your opinion here. Does Mr Millar have a point? Is violence OK if it's fictional?