Jim Carrey is apparently being sought to reprise his role from one of his biggest hits, Bruce Almighty, in another sequel. The last film, Evan Almighty, starred Steve Carrell and was a huge box office flop.

The Press Association are reporting that Universal Pictures are very keen to move forward with a third film, even after the financial failure of 'Evan'. Bruce Almighty was a huge hit for Jim Carrey, and the epitome of a family friendly flick; Jennifer Aniston also starred, playing his other half, while Morgan Freeman was God and returned for the Carrell led sequel - which played on the Noah's Ark biblical angle. There's no word on if Freeman or Aniston would also return, as the studio may be concentrating on locking down Carrey first.

Personally I'd rather see him do another Dumb and Dumber, but hey, I aint his agent.