As videogame villains go, Dr. Robotnik may not be as disturbing as Mr. X from 'Resident Evil 2' or as villainous as Dracula from 'Castlevania'.

Still, he's the kind of villain that everybody recognises primarily because he looks so strange. He's got those steampunk-style glasses, that gigantic moustache and the fact that he uses egg puns with wild abandon. In short, he's memorable. Looking at this image from the upcoming 'Sonic The Hedgehog' live-action movie, however, is not memorable.

Look at Jim Carrey's moustache. That moustache, natural though it may be, needs to be at least 500% more crazy-looking. That moustache should be so outrageous, so deranged and fanciful, that you literally cannot help but look at it.

The moustache Jim Carrey's wearing is one you'd see on an expensive barber that charges you about three hundred quid for a haircut and some wax. He's got twenty-seven tattoos on one side of his face, and he doesn't make small-talk either. This is not the moustache belonging to Dr. Robotnik.

There's also talk that the trailer for 'Sonic The Hedgehog' will land online at some stage today, so... prepare for that, we guess. Or not, who actually cares anymore?