That's how we're gauging public interest in films nowadays, people. Twitter.

Jerry Seinfeld, as you can imagine, really doesn't need to work anymore and is quite content to tool around Los Angeles in his vast collection of cars with a few of his friends. In fact, he turned it into a hugely successful TV series called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Anyway, Seinfeld took to Twitter late last night and pitched the idea of a second Bee Movie to the general public. For those that don't know, Bee Movie was an animated film from 2007 that Jerry Seinfeld co-wrote and starred in, alongside Renee Zellwegger and Matthew Broderick.

It wasn't much of a hit critically, only reaching 52% on Rotten Tomatoes, and just about made its budget back. So, what was the public reaction to Seinfeld's pitch?

About what you'd expect.





Look, Jerry, if you're reading this and you're looking for something to do, here's an idea. How about another season of Seinfeld? Christ, that Modern Day Seinfeld account on Twitter is way funnier than Bee Movie ever was and it's a Twitter account.

You could even get Larry David back in or maybe even Wayne Knight. WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THIS FROM US, JERRY?