Although it's been a good few years since its release, 'Jerry Maguire' is one of the few rom-coms that still holds up on rewatching.

If anything, it's only gotten better. It's just that reason that Cameron Crowe, its writer-director, has come back to the idea of a potential sequel, albeit with a different focus. In a recent interview with Collider, Crowe revealed his thoughts on how it might look.

"If there was ever going to be a continuing story about 'Jerry Maguire', I always thought it should be about the Tidwells," said Crowe, referencing Cuba Gooding Jr. and Regina King's characters. "I always thought it should be Marcee and Rod."

"From time to time, people have called up and said ‘We want to do a TV show of Jerry Maguire,’ and I’ll say, ‘You know, I think that story continues with the Tidwells,’ and they never call back. You don’t want to see Regina King do Marcee Tidwell? I’d do that in a second."

To be fair, Regina King is an excellent actor and director, and you only need to look at 'Watchmen' or 'One Night In Miami' to know what she's capable of. She only hosted 'SNL' this weekend, not to mention starring in the upcoming Western blockbuter, 'The Harder They Fall' on Netflix.

Cuba Gooding Jr., however, has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct and rape in the last year. Cuba Gooding Jr. has denied all charges.