Since the tragic death of Tony Scott in 2012, the status of Top Gun 2 has been murky at best.

It was announced a couple of months before the original director's death that a sequel to the '80s classic was on the way and would specifically address both drone warfare and the end of the fighter pilot in the military. But since Scott's death, the project's fate has been uncertain.

However, a couple of months ago, we reported that Val Kilmer - AKA Iceman, AKA Tom Kazansky, AKA Guile from Street Fighter's Hair Inspo - was contacted by Jerry Bruckheimer about the possibility of returning for the sequel. Kilmer, of course, was more than happy to ride back into the Danger Zone and now, it seems, so is Cruise.

This image, posted by Bruckheimer and retweeted by Cruise, shows the two arm-in-arm after a meeting about Top Gun's fate.


Of course, this doesn't really mean a whole lot. Unless there's a director attached and a script's been worked out, we're at nothing. So, let's talk possible choices to direct - we'd like to see Nimrod Antal, Peter Berg or maybe someone like Neveldine / Taylor take on directing duties.

Could you imagine a Top Gun film directed by the two guys who did Crank? EXACTLY.


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