They say everything in Hollywood is fake, and they're often true.

At last night's Oscars, in which 'The Banshees of Inisherin' went home a total of zilch Oscars, there was a brief moment when host Jimmy Kimmel - in between crowbarring in another Will Smith / slap joke - brought out none other than Jenny the Donkey from said movie.

There was a moment of exultation from the crowd, with even Colin Farrell almost jumping out of his seat in recognition of his equine castmate. Yet, as one would expect in Hollywood, it was all bullshit.

A source has told US outlet Vulture that the donkey in question was "just a random donkey", and not the real Jenny at all. Indeed, Jenny so enamoured its writer-director Martin McDonagh that he saw to it that Jenny was retired after her scene-stealing performance in 'The Banshees of Inisherin'. Not retired like a replicant in 'Blade Runner', but actually retired.

Speaking to Vulture in January of this year, Rita Moloney of Fircroft Animal Actors told the outlet that Jenny is now "just a happy donkey running with other miniature donkeys. I only saw her about three weeks ago down in County Carlow, and she’s looking fine, fit, and healthy. She’s just living the dream."

Glad to hear that Jenny's living her best life down in Carlow, but sadly for us, the Oscars made an ass out of us last night.