The details on this production were up and down and here and there but now, straight from the horse's mouth (that horse being Jeff Daniels who stars as Harry), we've got word that filming for Dumb and Dumber To will begin in September.

Altogether now: Hurray!

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Daniels (making waves in hit TV show Newsroom) revealed that the long gestating project would finally get underway.

"I'll believe it's happening when I'm there staring at Jim Carrey, but looks likes we're starting in September... It'll be so great to be with Jim again, and the two of us back together. It'll be the 20th anniversary of the first one next year when it's released."

And on the highly anticipated script, Daniels says: "I've seen the script. It's hysterical... We're middle-aged, we're not pretending we aren't. We're middle-aged and we're still that stupid."
It would wan to be hysterical if it's ever going to come close to the success of the first movie. The pressure on the Farrelly Brothers to deliver the goods here is huge. Can they hit lightning twice?