The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is still in full swing, with the famous folk still dropping by the capital city in abundance, and this time round we got to sit down with two directors that are here to show off their latest films.

First up is Jason Priestley, who is probably mostly known as being the heart-throb Brandon from the 90's hit show Beverly Hills 90210. He was in town to show his latest directorial outing Cas & Dylan, which features the Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, as well as legendary Richard Dreyfuss (who we'll be talking to later this week). Priestly talks about the difficulties of balancing out the comedy and tragedy in his movie, as well as giving out the best advice on directing he's received from a previous director of his.

Next, we had a sit down with Jonathan Glazer, advert and music video director extraordinaire, but who hasn't been on the big screen in ten years since his last two movies Sexy Beast and Birth. His latest film, the Scar-Jo starring sci-fi horror Under The Skin , shows Glazer at his most artistic, and we ask him about his visual and sound design influences, as well as why he's been away from the game for so long, and what it took for him to return.