Rubbing shoulders with Gabriel Byrne certainly is one way to beat the mid week slump eh? Or catching a movie premiere maybe? There's never a dull moment at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, because there's always something going on.

Tonight, for example, you can see our own Gabriel presenting the Volta award for career achievement to Greek/French director Costa-Gavras after a screening of his financial melodrama Capital. If that isn't your style then there's the world premiere of Johnny Gogan's Black Ice starring Love/Hate's Killian Scott and the premiere of Alan Brennan's Earthbound.

And there's still so much more to come this week. Danny DeVito jets into town just in time for a Jameson Cult Club screening of LA Confidential on Thursday. He'll be sticking around for a very special screening of The War of the Roses on Friday, after which he'll get a festival Volta award of his own.

Saturday sees Joss Whedon dropping by The Savoy for a screening of his Much Ado About Nothing, while Mary Harron and Sarah Bolger are in town for The Moth Diaries. And if you stick around until Sunday, there's a chance to catch Sundance winner The Summit, and Mark McLoughlin’s Blood Rising.

Sure how could you NOT fall in love with film after all that, eh?