Fair play to Javier Bardem. The 43 year old Spanish actor has just earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course he did, he's cool as f*&k and we love his Spanish accent. For example: 'I share this honour with all the amazing directors in (a) Spain and out of (a) Spain who took a chance on me.' He's been working with American movies for so long now you'd think the Spanish lilt would have softened around the edges but no, he's still sticking in the superflous 'a's here there and everywhere and we love it. Also, he's one hell of an actor. See Skyfall, No Country For Old Men, Biutiful and Vicki Cristina Barcelona for examples of his awesomeness.

In a special ceremony yesterday, Bardem - who is both unconventionally and undeniably attractive - was joined by the Skyfall Bond girls and director Sam Mendes to mark the occassion. Commenting on the special honour, Bardem said: "It's too soon for me... But it's a great honour to receive it. I grew up in a family of filmmakers and actors dating back, back, back to the earliest days of Spanish cinema... And I've been lucky enough to work as a professional actor for 25 years."

Passing remark on the actor's accolade, Skyfall director Sam Mendes said: "For me, he's part of the great tradition that includes Brando and Burton. He's our Brando and our Burton for this generation.He's hating this, it's making him very embarrassed. Even though he's a great actor, I suspect he would not describe himself as an actor first. Because first he's also a husband and a father."

Describe yourself as whatever you like, Javier, but one thing's for sure; you're a ledge.