If you've ever watched any of Vanity Fair's long-form interviews where they get actors to break down their careers, they're always a fascinating watch - and Jamie Lee Curtis' video is no different.

By her own admission, Curtis has done "some weird s**t" through the years, and talks freely about how she only got 'Trading Places' after doing a short documentary about horror movie trailers from the '50s with John Landis, its director. Not only that, she got 'A Fish Called Wanda' - probably one of the funniest movies she's ever done, in our opinion - because she did a TV show with David Frost. Of course, 'Halloween' kicks the whole thing off and talks how her, John Carpenter and the cast basically made the thing on a shoestring and with barely any kind of production at all.

The way she talks about all her movies, though, is really interesting. For example, she's pretty open about how 'Blue Steel' - a really underrated film - was a difficult shoot as it was all nights and she had an 18-month old daughter with her in New York, along with her husband, Christopher Guest. As well as this, the absolute madness of how she got into 'Freaky Friday' and literally did it in a couple of days' notice.

It's a great watch. Take a look.