Considering how the entire nation in which 'Wild Mountain Thyme' us set basically turned on it earlier this month, it seems somewhat unlikely that it's going to be perceived in the same way as the cast.

Yet, in a lengthy interview with Variety before its release, Jamie Dornan gave it his best and talked about the upcoming Irish rom-com / national insult. Dornan explained that, after 'The Fall', he was keen to do comedies to break up his filmography somewhat.

"It’s like an injection of joy into the veins," Dornan described the movie, adding that the movie's shooting location - Ballina, Co. Mayo - was just as he thought. "What’s interesting about shooting in rural Ireland where we were, it is like another time... It’s about the simple things and living off this farm, and that being the main focus of your day."

Meanwhile, the movie's director, John Patrick Shanley, defended the accents in the movie and said that if he actually used the real accents he heard his relatives using, no one would understand them. "You have to make the accent more accessible to a global audience," Shanley told Variety.

Right, but you also don't have to play to stereotypes and hackneyed cliches about Ireland being full of charming idiots and shawl-wearing women living on rural farmyards with literal muck on their faces.

Anyway, 'Wild Mountain Thyme' is set for release on December 11th and we are just primed and ready to slaughter review it.