Kenneth Branagh's 'Belfast' has already been received like a warm hug by critics and audiences alike over in the US. Now it won't be long until it finally makes its way to Irish cinemas.

'Belfast' boasts a stellar cast between Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe, Ciaran Hinds, Judi Dench, Colin Morgan and newcomer Jude Hill.

Dornan participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit yesterday to promote his latest.

The Northern Irish actor introduced himself writing: "I'm an actor, father, occasional singer, dad-joke connoisseur, and once pretended to be Kermit the Frog on a guitar.

"Born in Belfast, raised in Belfast, and now I have a new movie out called 'Belfast' from the tremendous Kenneth Branagh, which you can now watch in theaters or from the comfort of your very own cozy chair at home.

"I'm here to answer all of your questions to kick off 2022, so keep them rolling in."

Indeed, with so many mentions of the capital of Northern Ireland, it can hardly be a surprise that many of the questions were about Belfast itself.

Upon being asked to describe the city in one word, Jamie Dornan answered: "Eclectic."

Upon being asked what's so special about the place, he answered: "The people. They're the best people in the world."

Dornan recommended: "talk to people, get taxis and have interesting conversations. Every taxi driver in Belfast wants to talk. They're all proper characters.

"Also bars, restaurants - everyone's willing to talk and share stories. The people make the place."

Talking about the challenges of playing the role "Pa", he reflected: "Yeah every job is difficult, or it should be.

"But I was lucky that Pa resonated with me in so many different ways, and I'm from Belfast and come from a long lineage of people from Belfast, so the embodiment of what he is lives with me. More accessible than other parts I've done."

The actor also reflected on his days as a teenager in the city: "When I go back to Belfast now, I go back to being a teenager, since I was teenager when I left.

"My favorite thing to do… my best friend and I, we fill his boot/trunk with footballs, frisbees, rugby balls, and we go to playing fields and we pretend we're kids and pretend our knees and backs aren't killing us.

"And playing golf. You should still be trying to do stuff you were doing as a teenager, even when you're older."

Jamie Dornan was also sure to give those tourist tips, writing: "So there's a bar called Spaniard in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast, but it's tiny, so you might find it hard to find a space on the weekend.

"If you stumble across the street to The Cloth Ear you can also find a brilliant pint of Guinness."

He also said his favourite spot there is "Botanic Gardens. It's very cool, opposite of the school I went to.

"Not only was that the venue for fights in school… but also I got to film some stuff there in the fall.

"I've also brought my family there. I have so many different memories for me. So significant for different reasons."

Read the full AMA thread on Reddit here.

'Belfast' is in Irish cinemas from Friday, 21 January.