About two months ago, news got out that Senor Spielbergo was backing away from 'Indiana Jones 5'.

The report at the time rumoured that James Mangold - who previously did 'Logan' and 'Ford v Ferrari / Le Mans 66' - was in contention to take over. Well, according to a report late last night by Collider, that rumour is now fact as producer Frank Marshall confirmed the news in a lengthy chat about the movie's status.

Spielberg is still staying on as producer, however Mangold's working relationship with Harrison Ford is what's set the whole thing in motion. "It was all of the right pieces coming together, at the right time," Marshall said. As for the writing process, however, that's a long way away from being finished.

Right now, 2022 has been set as a release date for 'Indiana Jones 5', but the likelihood is that there's going to be a major shakeup in the script from the last few drafts. Not only that, the current situation as it relates to social distancing on sets still hasn't been addressed, so who knows how that's going to play out either.

All in all, 'Indiana Jones 5' is a long way off from cinemas, but a director like James Mangold seems like a fantastic choice.