James Franco has signed on to play the lead role in the funny sounding comedy, Ricky Stinicky, according to movieline via Darkhorizons.com.

The story follows three mates who have been using an invented friend named Ricky Stanicky over the past two decades as an excuse to explain their way out of sticky situations. When their other halves demand to meet Ricky, they hire an actor to play the role - Franco. No director has been chosen yet, but the script was written by Jeff Bushell (who penned Beverly Hills Chihuahua - good for him).

Fair play to James Franco; he's now one of the most interesting actors working in Hollywood, after he completely resisted the action box studios were trying to put him in. He spent a few months starring in the American soap, General Hospital, which is akin to Colin Farrell signing on for Fair City. Anyway, if this is half as funny as Pineapple Express, then I'm sold!