Star Wars: The Force Awakens seemed to win most people over, receiving mostly positive reviews from critics and becoming one of the most successful movies of all time at the box office. 

One person that wasn't completely convinced however is James Cameron. During a recent interview that's just surfaced online, the Avatar director said that he felt JJ Abrams' Star Wars installment lacked the 'innovative visual imagination' of George Lucas' original six. 

Cameron begins with the caveat that George Lucas is a friend of his and that he didn't want to say too much because he has a lot of respect for Abrams. 

But he went on to say that:  “I have to say that I felt that George’s group of six films had more innovative visual imagination, and this film was more of a retrenchment to things you had seen before and characters you had seen before. And it took a few baby steps forward with new characters. So for me the jury’s out. I want to see where they go with it.”

You can watch the interview in full below:

Via EW