Terminator, and the follow-up, Terminator 2: Judgement Day are both some of the best sci-fi films made in the past fifty years.

James Cameron's unique vision of robots that look like us, Arnold Schwarzenegger impaling people with his fist, Linda Hamilton doing pull-ups to beat the band, it had it all and it was a cultural and box office phenomenon. Soon came Jonathan Mostow's laughable Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, McG's grim-and-shouty Terminator: Salvation and then we get the ho-hum Terminator: Genisys.

Long story short, James Cameron's absence was felt - which is why it's such exciting news that he's taking over the rights from 2019 and plans to be personally involved this time around for Terminator 6. Deadline reports that Cameron will not direct the film - as he's got those Avatar sequels, remember? - but is looking to put Deadpool director Tim Miller in the driving seat.

Miller is a friend of Cameron's, and actually helped to get Deadpool made at Fox. As it stands, there's little in the way of a script or plot and Deadline's report tells it that top sci-fi authors are being drafted to come up with a story. Arnold Schwarzenegger is unlikely to return, as he'll be pushing 73 by the time production starts.

Like we said, it's early days but if this comes off, it could restart the franchise for good this time and actually give us our first decent Terminator film in years.


Via Deadline