J.J. Abrams has hinted there will be LBGTQ representation in the next 'Star Wars' chapter. However it won't come from Finn, played by John Boyega, and Poe, played by Oscar Isaac.

Movie fans have been shipping Finn and Poe, aka "FinnPoe", since 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' hit screens.

However Abrams, Boyega and Isaac have all confirmed their bromance won't be turning into a romance in the trilogy's final chapter.

Abrams told Variety: “That relationship to me is a far deeper one than a romantic one.

“It is a deep bond that these two have, not just because of the trial by fire in which they met, but also because of their willingness to be as intimate as they are, as afraid as they, as unsure as they are, and still be bold, and still be daring and brave.”

Isaac said he liked the “ambiguity” of the characters’ relationship. He thought that “if they would’ve been boyfriends, that would have been fun.”

He noted: “Personally, I kind of hoped and wished that maybe that would’ve been taken further in the other films, but I don’t have control.

“It seemed like a natural progression, but sadly enough it’s a time when people are too afraid, I think, of… I don’t know what.”

The Rise of Skywalker 7

Boyega said he saw the characters as friends. However he also would have also been interested to see it explored in other directions:

“They’ve always had a quite loving and open relationship in which it wouldn’t be too weird if it went beyond it.

“But at the same time, they are just platonic at the moment.”

Director Abrams also talked about queer representation in 'The Rise of Skywalker generally, saying: “it was important to me that [LGBTQ] people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film.”

“I will say I’m giving away nothing about what happens in the movie,” Abrams concluded, grinning. “But I did just say what I just said.”

'Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker' lands in cinemas December 19th.