UPDATE: We can now confirm that the below rumours are now longer a rumour, it's official! She couldn't tell me much about it when I met her last month to talk Twilight, but she has since been given the green light to open up on it. "I can confirm that rumour," she said. "It's a comedy. I'm really excited about it. We start shooting in April."

Seeing Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck's name mentioned in the same sentence has us already intrigued; two of the most popular names buzzing around Hollywood right now, we're very excited to see what a movie starring both could offer.

Although we must warn you, Focus won't be the fourth movie (to follow his first three gems) for Affleck as director, this one's got Crazy Stupid Love duo Glenn Ficara and John Requa at the helm. So what can you expect? Well so far it sounds like a bit of a cheese-fest: Affleck plays a con artist while Stewart plays the young'un with her eyes on a role as his accomplice and as you can imagine, things get hairy and of course, romantic. Wouldn't be the first time Stewart's fallen for the charms of an older man, wha'! However, it has been touted as something you could fit into the 'indie' box or as Total Film put it, a 'good grifting flick', so who knows. We could well be in for a treat.

What's interesting is that apparently Crazy Stupid Love stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were who Ficara and Requa originally wanted for this film. For reasons unbeknownst to any of us, that fell through.

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