Diana - the Princess Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts has been an absolute and total floppidy flop.

It opened over this side of the pond in September to atrocious reviews but hope was still reserved for the American release. Sure they love flicks about the Royals! However, it has completely bombed at the US box office.

As per Digital Spy it earned just $64,914 from 38 theatres over the weekend which means that the biopic took an embarrassing 34th place in the US box office chart, putting it way behind smaller new releases like About Time and ah, Man of Tai Chi.

We feel a bit sorry for Naomi Watts because she's good enough in other stuff and now her bestie Nicole Kidman is going to beat her when Grace of Monaco is a huge success. But a bad movie is a bad movie and there's no excuse for that.

Watch the trailer for Diana here: