If you haven't been watching the new season of Breaking Bad, you really are missing out. Aaron Paul's portrayal of Jesse Pinkman has been nothing short of incredible and we're only three episodes in to the second half of the final season. Unsurprisingly, he's been snapped up for different roles in the wake of Breaking Bad's finish.

Ridley Scott's been a fairly busy bee and it's just been revealed that he'll follow Michael Fassbender starrer The Counsellor with Exodus. The film is based on the Bible story of Moses leading his people out of Egypt and across the desert, and they've already announced the two headlining cast members - namely Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Ramses. But wait, there's more...

According to Deadline Hollywood, Aaron Paul has signed on to play a "Hebrew slave alongside Bale's Moses". Whatever that means. And as if that wasn't enough, Sigourney Weaver and John Turturro will be playing Joel Edgerton's parents.

We're not entirely sure what to make of this film, to be honest. Ridley Scott's being trying to make swords-and-sandals cool again, but Robin Hood was a bit of a letdown and Kingdom of Heaven was pretty crap too. Gladiator was THIRTEEN years ago and Sir Ridley hasn't had much luck with these epics since then.