It's a little nuts to think that the so so Man of Steel is by far the best-reviewed movie in the DC cinematic universe, but it is.

Zack Synder's Superman movie has a 55% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and took just under $700 million at the global box-office. But while Batman V Superman made closer to $900 million it was panned by critics, with Suicide Squad taking a similar beating from movie scribes the past week. 

Despite this Warner Bros hadn't announced a sequel, with star Henry Cavill only confirmed to appear in The Justice League movie currently in production. But that has now apparently changed.

The Wrap are saying that Man of Steel 2 is now in development. This is big news as it maybe shows that Warners have lowered their expectations below that of Marvel and Disney. Even if Suicide Squad continues to do solid box office, the reviews are atrocious which doesn't bode well for repeat business and a franchise.

For us Kevin Costner was by far the best thing about Man of Steel and the film had moments of real warmth when he was on screen. We also dig Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent; it was just way too disjointed and action heavy to resonate with fans. That could change with a new director. Synder may likely want to pull back from DC after League debuts, so who else could take his place?

Well Denis Villeneuve just completed awards contender 'Arrival' with Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams and we would LOVE to see him tackle a superhero flick. He does have the small matter of the Blade Runner sequel to handle first, though.