After the huge box office and critical success of 'It', Andy Muscietti has set a live-action remake of 'Attack On Titan' for his next film.

A US remake of 'Attack On Titan' has been rumoured for years, however a deal was struck between Warner Bros. and publishers Kodansha yesterday that'll see it finally come to fruition. No casting has been announced as of yet, however 'Harry Potter' producer David Heyman, 'It' producer Barbara Muscietti, and Masi Oka - who was Hiro in 'Heroes' - are set to produce.

Set in a future where humanity hides in cities as giant humanoid creatures called titans roam the land, 'Attack On Titan' is one of the best-selling manga comics ever created. It's sold over 76 million copies since it launched in 2009 and also been adapted into a live-action movie and an anime movie, the latter of which was split into two movies.

Muscietti' is currently working on 'It: Chapter Two', which stars Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader and James McAvoy as the now-adult members of the Losers Club. That movie is set for release on September 6th of next year, however no release date has been made for 'Attack On Titan'.