It's now approaching half a billion dollars at the global box-office and counting, so in some news that will shock absolutely no one, the IT sequel has been greenlit and given a release date of September 2019 - keeping the same date as the first film, two years later.

Andy Muschietti is likely to return to helm, while the young cast  will also appear in flashback form. Bill Skarsgård will also return. 

It: Chapter 2 will see the Losers approaching 40, returning to Derry to tackle Pennywise once more. Stephen King's book gets even darker at this point, so don't expect a lot of lolz, folks.

Attention will now turn to possible casting. The only name Muschietti has discussed openly has been that of his 'Mama' star Jessica Chastain who would be a strong choice for Beverly Marsh. Anyone else is take your pick, most of the biggest names in Hollywood are around that age or can play it - Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chadwick Boseman... you get the jist.

Warner Bros. want to move quick on this one for obvious reasons, so expect to hear those kind of names in the coming days.

Via Deadline