Jose Aldo may be more known to casual observers of MMA as Conor McGregor's arch-nemesis, but by all accounts, he's had quite the interesting life.

A keen soccer player who grew up in Manaus, he took up jiu-jitsu and left his home for Rio de Janeiro without a penny to his name. It's your typical come-from-nothing story that's ripe for a movie adaptation.

Although there hasn't been a successful MMA film since the Tom Hardy / Joel Edgerton-starring Warrior, it looks like there's one in the mix based on Jose Aldo's life story.

iMDB has it that Afonso Poyart, who directed the supernatural thriller Solace with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins, is to helm a biopic on Aldo's life and career.

Brazilian TV actor Malvino Salvador, who's from the same town as Aldo, will be playing the MMA fighter. There's been no word yet on who else has been cast or any sign of a release date, but it's interesting news nonetheless.

You'd have to imagine McGregor will make an appearance at some point. What's that up ahead? A clear opportunity to do some fan-casting for Conor McGregor?!

We'd put down Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne and Cillian Murphy - if we can die his hair red and beef him up - to play McGregor. Of course, it's highly unlikely this film will be seen outside of Brazil as Aldo's a folk hero there and doesn't have much purchase with fans outside of the Americas.

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