Special effects and makeup in movies can be a tricky thing and it's often quite difficult to see how it looks without seeing in context and lighting.

Something that might look utterly ridiculous in broad daylight can look incredible after it's been processed and produced to the director's intent, so making fun of something when we're not seeing in context isn't right. Still, this photo of Tom Hardy on the set of 'Fonzo', the upcoming Al Capone biopic directed by Josh Trank, looks more like a character from the '90s comic book caper 'Dick Tracy' than anything else.

Just for clarity, here's the photo of Tom Hardy in makeup as Al Capone, via Fandango.

And here's a scene from 'Dick Tracy' with Al Pacino playing Big Boy Caprice.

It's... yeah, it's not great, in fairness. Granted, 'Dick Tracy' was a gloriously entertaining mess of a film and who knows? Maybe 'Fonzo' will be something similar.

No release date has been set as of yet for the movie, but here's hoping it works out for Josh Trank after the utter clusterf**k that was 'Fantastic Four'.