The actress has a lot of Oscar buzz around her for upcoming Jeff Nichols film Loving.

She recently participated in the Hollywood Reporters’ 'Awards Chatter' Podcast, of which past guests have included Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Eddie Murphy, Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Kate Winslet.

Among other subject matters, Negga discussed her upbringing, emergence into acting, and of course about Loving.

She was also asked about her (non-)appearance in 12 Years a Slave, in which she was cast as the character of Celeste.

For the film, she shot scenes in a swamp (in which there were crocodiles) for three days.

When asked if it was a disappointment that her character was eventually cut from the film, she answered ‘that’s an understatement!’

She explained how even during production, she knew the film, which went on to three Oscars including Best Picture, was going to be big.

But then, ‘I got a call from the Steve and I knew as soon as the phone started ringing, I just knew,’ she says with a pained expression. ‘He let me down gently.’

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining and it was Francine Maisler, the casting director who had recommended her to McQueen, who recommended her to Nichols, which led to her audition for Loving.

Negga said she felt she ‘inhabited the spirit’ of her character in Loving and that working on the film with co-star Joel Eggerton felt like ‘carrying a special vase.’

You can listen to the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.