We all agree that Brendan Gleeson is an absolute legend, yes? Yes? Yes. Of course we do, because he's oh so obviously an absolute legend and that's that. Legendary Brendan Gleeson has been married to his lovely wife Mary since 1982, and together they had four boys, and from those four boys, two of those have gone on to follow in their Dad's footsteps to become actors, too.

We all agree that Domhnaill Gleeson is an absolute legend, yes? Yes. Yes. Of course we do, because he's oh so obviously an absolute legend and that's that. Next up in the soon-to-be-legendary stakes is Brian Gleeson, with upcoming Irish romantic comedy Standby another step towards legend status. The story of a man and a woman who disastrously dated before, but eight years on, might be ready for round two, Brian is aiming for that leading man status, and we can't wait to see what he can do given the opportunity.

But before then, we're going to take a look back at the Gleeson Trio's work to date, and what it is about them that makes them Irish superstars.


1. The Guard
We've always been aware of how awesome Brendan was, but it was only when he came into contact with the McDonagh brothers that we feel he really came into the spotlight. In Bruges showed off his peerless sardonic comedic timing, but it was The Guard that put him front and centre, playing to and against the stereotype of someone from the Irish countryside.

2. I Went Down
Can you believe this film is nearly 30 years old? Good God, we're feeling ancient right now. Prior to this we'd seen Brendan in smaller roles in the likes of Braveheart, The Snapper, The Butcher Boy and Michael Collins, but here he's put front and centre, and manages to carry the weight of the film thanks to a well written character for him to have a bit of fun with!

3. 28 Days Later
He doesn't rock up until Cillian Murphy has been exposed to the well and truly fecked up remains of London, but when Brendan does arrive, he leaves the biggest impression. Protecting his daughter from the undead onslaught, his scenes are filled with nervous energy and hyper-tension, never wanting to betray his true fears to his daughter, while almost in a constant state of denial himself. And then that scene with the crow... Well, let's not spoil it. But god damn.


1. Frank
Only released this year, and already assured to be one of the Domhnall's best films and greatest performances. The fact that you notice him at all as Michael Fassbender struts round the place in a giant papier-mâché head is testament to his abilities. It also helps that Domhnall is afraid to be unlikeable, as his character here goes to some truly bad places in order to get the level of fame he believes his band is entitled to. Plus it's very very funny. Which is good.

2. About Time
Domhnall doing his best Hugh Grant impression, but also the first time we've all sat up and taken notice of his potential at a leading actor. The vaguely sci-fi themed rom-com folds back into Domhnall's own clear love of the science fiction genre – take a look at Dredd, Never Let Me Go, his episode of Black Mirror, the upcoming Ex Machina, and the fact he's soon to be in the new Star Wars – and there's not a woman in the world who didn't find him instantly loveable and adorable after watching this.

3. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 1 & 2
Appearing right as things are coming to end as one of the Weasley Brothers, it's only when he shows up do you realise how obvious a casting decision this was. This would be the biggest example of the several occasions he would share a movie with his dad, along with the likes of Calvary, Perrier's Bounty and Studs, and we sincerely hope it's not the last.


1. The Stag
Released in America under the new name “The Bachelor Weekend”, what has been labelled as The Irish Hangover amounts to quite a bit more than that, as the lads have much more emotional involvement here than Bradley Cooper and co did during their blackout. Here it's all about alpha males, broken hearts and surviving modern masculinity... all while being lost in the woods in the nip.

2. Wake Wood
Hammer Horror brought on a few Irish stars, including leading man Aiden Gillen, for this story about a couple who are granted three days with their deceased daughter, after she had been murdered by a savage dog. Not what you might call typical entertainment fare, but goes to show the level of diversity within the Gleeson clan.

3. Love/Hate
Brian was around for the first four episode's of the first season of Love/Hate, but nobody in the hit Irish show leaves peacefully, with Hughie Power taken out by... (SPOILERS) ... himself! Nope, not suicide, but accidentally kills himself while showing off his gun. Also not a metaphor.


Brian Gleeson stars in STANDBY, out in cinemas from November 14th.