The sole Irish entry at this year's Oscars 2021 walked away empty-handed, but people have been praising the movie for giving the competition a run for their money.

'Wolfwalkers' failed to scoop the Best Animation at this year's Oscars. The Cartoon Saloon feature was up against two Disney pictures, 'Soul' and 'Onward', as well as Netflix's 'Over the Moon', and 'A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon'.

In the end, the Irish-made animation lost out to Disney and Pixar's 'Soul', making it the 14th Disney animation to win the award. Overall, it's been Pixar's 11th Oscar win in the category.

While 'Soul' was a strong feature for Pixar this year, many viewers of the ceremony felt that 'Wolfwalkers' deserved their Oscars win. With this being the fourth time a Cartoon Saloon feature has been nominated for Best Animation, it felt like the right time to finally award a win.

Following the awards ceremony, #Wolfwalkers was trending on Twitter due to it being snubbed. Screenwriter Will Collins, who wrote 'Wolfwalkers' and who wrote also the screenplay for Cartoon Saloon's other Oscar-nominated animation 'Song of the Sea', tweeted: "Sadly, it didn't go our way tonight."

Here are some of the other reactions to 'Wolfwalkers' losing their Oscar bid this year.

'Wolfwalkers' is available to watch on Apple TV+.