According to reports by Deadline, Bloomberg, CNBC and a number of financial outlets, exploratory talks were held between Disney and 21st Century Fox for the House Of Mouse to buy almost all of their portfolio.

While the exact details and pricing of the whole deal remains to be seen, the most explicit parts of it included buying up FX, all of Fox's offerings on television, and most importantly, the rights to the Marvel characters they still own. In other words, this would mean all of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and about a dozen more Marvel characters that are outside of Disney's control.

It's just Marvel that's on the table for Disney. Fox also owns the Planet Of The Apes franchise, the Alien and Predator franchises, the burgeoning Kingsman franchise, and - of course - The Simpsons.

Whether the deal goes through or not remains to be seen, however analysts are now suggesting that because of Disney's surging stock price - fuelled by all these rumours - means that a deal may be too lucrative for Fox to give up.


Via Deadline