Given how Danny Boyle has now exited 'Bond 25' after that old chestnut - "creative differences" - with Daniel Craig, Michael G. Moore and Babara Broccoli, the question now is what happens next.

Obviously, another director will be lined up to bring Craig to the screen for his final outing as Bond, but beyond that, there's the question who'll replace him and one name that keeps coming up again and again is Idris Elba. The latest flurry of rumours kicked off when a since-debunked story from the Daily Star claimed that Antoine Fuqua, who directed 'The Equalizer 2', had heard from Barbara Broccoli that the time was right for a black actor to play Bond and that it would be Idris Elba.

Fuqua's reps then claimed the story was false, but not before Elba himself posted a couple of tweets that seemed to be playing up the whole thing. One of them even referenced the 'Bond, James Bond' phrase, but now Elba has finally put the nail in the coffin for him playing Bond. When asked by Good Morning Britain at the premiere of his directorial debut, 'Yardie', if he was planning on playing Bond in the future, Elba responded in the negative.

Here's the video evidence, just to put it all above aboard.

So, as Laura Whitmore correctly points out in the clip, he's hardly going to say it if he was and he's hardly going to reveal on a red carpet interview as well. That said, there's simply too much standing in the way of Idris Elba playing Bond to ignore, not the least of which is the fact that making him Bond now would just be ridiculous and a total cop-out.

For one, he's too old to play Bond so that's one major problem. Secondly, Idris Elba doesn't seem terribly interested in playing the character and only seems to kicking the whole thing on because people will invariably have to talk about his movie, 'Yardie', in the same breath. Third, Daniel Craig is still playing Bond right now - so why not wait until he's officially done with it before moving on to the next?